Alcohol Sampling Locations

Alcohol Sampling always requires the perfect location and they can be very difficult to source due the many rules you need to navigate. The industry also benefits from having highly targeted audience demographics this works in experiential marketing’s favour, it helps brands carefully research appropriate venues for activations or sampling activities, so as to achieve maximum brand exposure amongst a target audience.

Fairs & Markets

Christmas markets are a great place to get in the festive mood and find unique gifts for a loved one. Come along to a Christmas fair and you can browse locally handmade gifts, crafts and even jewellery. We can source and book the the best indoor and outdoor locations for large markets and fairs.

Large Vehicle Tours

Branded large vehicle and bus tours are always  a sure fire crowd puller in large outdoor spaces in the UK. Lightbulb Promotions will help you route plan and select locations for any large vehicle tour - below provides some touchpoints across the UK for a stationary activation. We can find the right space for you no matter how big the vehicle .

Automotive Offsite Activations

Offsite activations are becoming the main choice for automotive brands and dealerships. In an environment where it is more prevalent than ever to acknowledge the changing behaviours of the consumer. By giving the consumer the opportunity to engage with the product in a more relaxed environment generating better leads and interactions.